Ford Bronco

Molly Bowman

Meet Molly, Bronco tamer and all around Badass. When she pre-ordered her Bronco in 20?? she had never been off-roading before and had no idea what the future held for her. After an epic off-roading experience during ?? she was hooked and spent the following months planning all the upgraded she wanted to do to her bronco when she received it. Now Molly's Bronco is a pink beast that can tackle almost anything she can throw at it. She admittedly chickens out way before she reaches the limits of her rig! Because Molly has the removable hardtop option, finding an awning that attaches to her rig is a challenge. The Moonshade rises to the occasion and is able to attach to the roll bars using the strut pole and gear ties. Super awesome! Cant wait to see what Molly gets up to next in her rig. Check her out on Insta @ BadAssBronco

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