Palomino Truck Camper

Patty and Shane Gill

It's super easy to set up and we can use it on our truck too.

Meet Patty and Shane

Originally from Texas, these empty nesters decided to sell it all and hit the road. Shane is a retired Air Force veteran and so the Gills are no strangers to world travel but didn't have the opportunity to explore the United States as much as they wanted. That all changed in 2020 when they bought a 42 foot fifth wheel trailer (Sully) and have now added a 18 foot Palomino Truck camper (Mike Wazowski) to the fleet. Screw waiting till 'retirement' they want to get out and explore while they're still young and able. The fifth wheel mostly stays parked and acts as a home base while they use the truck camper as their adventure rig. Pretty sweet setup if you ask us.

The MoonShade works on the driver or passenger side of the Palomino, even with the slide out, by using the large suction cups as anchors. No matter which way they are parked, the MoonShade can adapt to their setup.

Check them out at and @gillsonwheels on Instagram, Tiktok and YouTube.

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