Toyota 4Runner Vehicle Expert

Ryan Lau

What I love about the Moonshade is its versatility.

Meet Ryan. Ryan’s background is in IT and photography. He's a die-hard Toyota fanboy and PNW native with the urge to explore the great outdoors and unplug from the daily grind. Ryan got his 4Runner (IG: @4runnersaurus) during the pandemic and started writing for Later, he became their staff editor. He owes his love for overlanding to his neighbor, who showed him how fun it can be to get out on the trails. Ryan is a father and husband and enjoys taking his 4Runner out on trails and day trips to the beach with the family. The MoonShade works well for him because of its lightweight and versatility as he doesn't like the idea of having an awning mounted on the side of his rig 24/7. He can use his MoonShade across multiple vehicles and use cases such as picnics at the park, as it doesn't require being mounted to a vehicle. Ryan loves the community that surrounds his 4Runner and sharing his passion with others.