Toyota 4Runner

Ryan Lau

What I love about the Moonshade is its versatility.

Meet Ryan.

With a background in IT and photography, Ryan is a devoted Toyota enthusiast and a native of the Pacific Northwest. He possesses an innate desire to explore the great outdoors and get disconnected off grid. Ryan acquired his 4Runner (you can find him on Instagram: @4runnersaurus) during the pandemic and began contributing articles to Eventually, he assumed the role of their staff editor. His passion for overlanding was sparked by his neighbor, who introduced him to the joy of venturing out on trails.

In addition to being a dedicated father and husband, Ryan relishes the opportunity to take his 4Runner on trails and family day trips to the beach. The MoonShade proves to be an ideal choice for him due to its lightweight nature and versatility. Ryan prefers the flexibility it offers, as he isn't keen on the idea of having an awning permanently mounted on the side of his vehicle. The MoonShade's ability to be used across multiple vehicles and scenarios, such as picnics at the park, makes it the perfect fit for his lifestyle. He deeply values the sense of community that surrounds his 4Runner and enjoys sharing his passion with others.

Keep it up Ryan, we love what you're doing!

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