Four Wheel Camper F-150

George and Arlene Duncan

The Moonshade is the sh*t!

Meet George and Arlene,

Recently retired, they have discovered a newfound sense of adventure in their Hawk Four Wheel Camper. Arlene, who grew up camping, managed to convince George that there's a vast world worth exploring within the United States alone. They opted for a Hawk Four Wheel truck camper mounted on a Ford F-150 as their mode of exploration. When they're not traversing the US in their truck, they divide their time between the Pacific Northwest and South America. They have a passion for discovering new places and indulge in activities such as scuba diving, photography, off-roading, camping, and fostering a sense of community while on the road.

The Moonshade perfectly suits their needs because it offers flexible mounting options, allowing them to park their rig in the optimal position for the campsite rather than being limited by the sun's location. Moreover, it helps keep their wind resistance low and their fuel efficiency high since it's not permanently mounted on the outside, avoiding wind resistance and other trail hazards.

Thanks for being awesome George and Arlene! See you down the road.

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