2008 Mercedes Sprinter 144

Kevin and Dani (The Vankookz)

The Moonshade is awesome

Meet Kevin and Dani

These OG vanlifers and long time burners have been living alternatively since 2016. As natives of New Mexico and true high school sweethearts, they traveled to Australia after becoming burnt out on the corporate 9-5 lifestyle in the States. Upon realizing that the rat race was no different there, they purchased their first van, "Damon," and earned the affectionate nickname "the Vankookz" from their Australian friends. After a tour of the country, they were hooked and traveled to New Zealand, where they built another van, "Cruise". They returned to the states in 2018 and bought their current van, "Ki Ki," a Mercedes Sprinter which has been their home for almost 5 years. Nowadays, Dani applies her second master's degree as a nutritionist, and they have dedicated much of their lives to functional medicine and healthy living while developing an off-grid property in New Mexico.

The Moonshade works well for them because Kevin could never find an awning that worked with the "funky rack" they made in Mexico. Using gear ties, they can clip the carabiners to the roof rack and finally enjoy some shade. Additionally, by using the strut pole, they can set up the MoonShade off the back of their van too. How cool!

Check out their van building masterclass at www.vankooks.com and follow them on Instagram and YouTube @Vankookz.

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