2023 Mercedes Sprinter 144 AWD

Patrick and Lindsey - Owners of Featherbuilt

Meet Patrick and Lindsey

The owners of Featherbuilt, a van up fitting company in Denver, Colorado. Patrick, originally from Colorado, studied engineering and architecture, leading to a career in high-end kitchen and bath fabrication. Through that career, Patrick was introduced to the tiny house and van communities. After working for a van conversion company for a few years, Patrick decided to spin off and create Featherbuilt in 2019.

Lindsey, originally from Rhode Island, discovered van life after living in Italy for several years. After building out a Sprinter with her father in 2019, she hit the road. It wasn't long after that she met Patrick at a van life meetup in Colorado, and the rest is history.

Since 2019, Featherbuilt has converted 14 complete vans, undertaken dozens of partial builds, and assisted hundreds of people in navigating the installation of various van components. Additionally, Featherbuilt has developed a couple of dozen products aimed at individuals not in the market for a complete custom van conversion but who are taking a more DIY approach to their build. The transition from custom fabrication to mass production hasn't been without its challenges, but Featherbuilt is convinced that becoming a manufacturer of van products is the path forward for them.

When not building vans, Patrick and Lindsey love to travel both domestically and internationally, taking their van, Venus, on camping trips. The Moonshade makes for an easy setup using the Sprinter rail anchors. Check out their beautiful vans at Featherbuilt.com

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