Nissan Frontier

Jason Fletcher

Meet Jason,

Husband, father, forensic anthropologist, master marketer, COO of a software company, and successful YouTuber. Jason does it all. As an avid Nissan enthusiast, his collection of modified Nissan cars and trucks is extensive. However, his current passion lies in taking his Nissan Frontier to local National Forests for overlanding and camping adventures.

Interestingly, Jason's introduction to overlanding came through YouTube, and since then, he has embraced it wholeheartedly. He adopts a down-to-earth approach in his content, focusing on education and demonstrating that enjoying nature doesn't require spending a fortune on vehicle upgrades. This philosophy aligns with his ultimate goal of appreciating the outdoors. Check him out on YouTube and Instagram @ All Things Overlanding

One of the tools that greatly aids Jason in his adventures is the Moonshade, appreciated for its versatility. It offers shade at the back of his truck, complementing his permanently mounted 180-degree awning on the side. His pragmatic approach and positive influence have earned him a respected place in the overlanding community. Thanks, Jason, for being an inspirational figure in the overlanding world.

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