On the Road

Stories of connection, reflection, and discovery by Moon

  • You Can Do Things You Think You Can't

    Vol. 1-10

    When the sun came up in Salt Lake City, we felt a tiredness deep in our bones. We had left a camp of old and new friends at Joshua Tree the day before and drove into the night towards Utah. At this point, it was...

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  • The Other Side of the Breaking Point

    Vol. 1-9

    The money isn't worth it. The lifestyle wasn't worth it. I mean, we had a beautiful apartment downtown Denver. We had new cars. But for what, so we could not see each other all the time? — Brittani and Adam Fenimore Filmmakers’ Notes The Fenimores have...

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  • This Space Is a Blank Canvas

    Vol. 1-8

    "I've learned that van life is a state of mind actually, that's one of the biggest things that I figured out." —Jupiter Filmmakers’ Notes At this point in the trip, we had started to settle in a bit. We’d been in Joshua Tree for a...

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  • The Silver Thread

    Vol. 1-7

    "I definitely have a wanderlust, an adventurous spirit. But for the first 40 years of my life, I did what everyone expected me to do. Now, I get to ask, “what does Diana want to do?” And it’s a little uncomfortable sometimes, but I’m getting...

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  • This Feels Like Home

    Vol 1-6

    "There's something about sitting around a campfire at night and telling ghost stories and having s'mores, I just feel like that's something [my kids will] remember forever." —Mercede Goates Filmmaker’s Notes Joshua Tree carries a kind of mystique – some combination of the dry air...

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  • Choosing Life And Refilling Your Cup

    Vol 1-5

    "I would rather help people be healthy and happy, and be able to adventure and do the things in life that they really want to do, and not just have to watch it on YouTube." —Angela Siatta Filmmaker’s Notes: After spending the morning with Dan,...

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