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John and Carly - Woodstock on Wheels

Meet John and Carly

After COVID disrupted his career in the hospitality industry, John saw an opportunity to fulfill a dream to travel the western United States in a van. His first van, "Woody," allowed him to do just that. It wasn't long before John met Carly at a hot spring in Utah. Carly, who was working as a professional photographer, quit her job to travel full-time with John—classic.

Realizing that the GMC wasn't enough space for their three dogs and all their hobbies, they found their dream bus and got to work. Building the bus while living in it isn't for the faint of heart, as John will admit, but it has allowed them to test new layouts and features in real-time and tweak the designs to perfectly fit their needs. The Woodstock on Wheels bus is decked out, literally, with a performance stage that hosts the best nomad talent around.

Check them out on Instagram @Woodstockonwheels, @Johnagroh, and @Carly_Wesolowski.

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