Airstream Basecamp

Tim and Tamara Carroll

The versatility of the products is really never ending

Meet Tim and Tamara

A dynamic duo with a passion for exploring the great outdoors. Both trained as mental health professionals, Tamara lends her expertise to middle school students as a counselor while Tim works in administration for a social service agency specializing in suicide prevention.

Their journey together began in 2003, and during the pandemic, Tim's curiosity sparked a new adventure: exploring the world of RVs. He quickly became enamored with the Airstream Basecamp, envisioning endless possibilities for travel and exploration.

Determined not to let their Basecamp gather dust, they make it a point to take "Delores," as they affectionately named their trailer after Tim's mom, out at least once a month. With Tim working remotely and Tamara enjoying summers off, they seize every opportunity to embark on new adventures.

Their love for travel extends beyond simply hitting the road. As avid bikers, kayakers, and hikers, they use their Basecamp trailer as a literal base camp for their outdoor escapades. Whether it's exploring scenic trails or paddling along tranquil waters, Tim and Tamara embrace every opportunity to connect with nature.

To enhance their camping experience, they discovered the Moonshade through a recommendation on a Facebook group. Now proud owners of two Moonshades and a Moonwall, they adapt their setup based on camp layouts and trailer positioning, relishing the shade, privacy and versatility these additions provide.

Check them out on Instagram @delores_the_basecamp

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