On the Road

Stories of connection, reflection, and discovery by Moon

  • This Feels Like Home

    Vol. 1-6

    Filmmaker’s Notes Joshua Tree carries a kind of mystique – some combination of the dry air and scorching sun that gradually fades over the course of the day into long shadows and purple sunsets make a visitor feel fully consumed by the environment. The bulbous rock formations and fluffy, flowering cholla cactus seem to disguise […]

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  • Choosing Life And Refilling Your Cup

    Vol. 1-5

    Filmmaker’s Notes: After spending the morning with Dan, we busted it toward Sedona to meet up with Angela that evening. The landscape that flew by us on the drive through Arizona was like something from another world, the topography changing dramatically with every hill we climbed in the van. We started noticing huge cacti as […]

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  • Doing Less And Being More

    Vol. 1-4

    Filmmaker’s Notes: It was almost a week into our trip and a couple hours after midnight when we rolled in beside a dark little cabin outside of Flagstaff, Arizona. Richard and I had been on the road since sunset, after our visit with Kathi in New Mexico had ended with a shared moment of silence […]

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  • There’s Calm in Curiosity

    Vol. 1-3

    Filmmaker’s Notes The red-ochre cliffs of Palo Duro Canyon stretched out in front of us to the horizon as the daylight faded, and we knew the night would be cold, just the right weather for the biggest bonfire we could muster at our campsite. We were just settling in beside the blazing campfire when we […]

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  • Finding Freedom is a Movement

    Vol. 1-2

    Filmmaker’s Notes After driving from Austin deep into Texas hill country to meet Paul, we made the call to push on through the night in the van for the seven or eight hours it would take us to get to our next stop, Oklahoma City. Spirits were high as we debriefed on the experience we’d […]

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  • Adventure is in Our DNA

    Vol. 1-1

    Filmmaker’s Notes For the first of the interviews that would eventually become the “On the Road” series, we (Henry,  Moon co-founder, and Richard, photographer) hit the road for three weeks on a journey that quickly took us from acquaintances to friends, sleeping in the Moon van on the nights that we didn’t camp, and sharing […]

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  • Introducing: On the Road


    The idea for the On the Road series was born out of a desire to connect with the travelers, wanderers, and van-lifers that make up the community of MOON customers, to go out to meet them where they were and listen to their stories. We decided that we would create twelve mini-documentaries based on this […]

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  • Diana

    Vol. 1-7

    Releases January 26, 2022
  • Jupiter

    Vol. 1-8

    Releases February 9, 2022
  • The Fenimores

    Vol. 1-9

    Releases February 23, 2022
  • Trent & Allie

    Vol. 1-10

    Releases March 9, 2022
  • The Fry Family

    Vol. 1-11

    Releases March 23, 2022
  • Seb

    Vol. 1-12

    Releases April 6, 2022