1/2" Awning Rail Anchor (Basecamp)

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$25 USD

Anchor method specially designed for Airstream Basecamp roof rails and other 1/2" awning rails.

About 1/2" Awning Rail Anchor (Basecamp)

These aluminum barrel nuts slide into the ½" (13mm) Keder Rail™ awning track mounted along the top rim of Airstream Basecamp™ trailers and other 1/2" awning rails. Stainless steel eye bolts are held in place with neoprene-backed stainless steel washers, allowing you to securely anchor your MoonShade to either side of your vehicle.

Includes 2.

Product Specs

Stainless steel + aluminum barrel nut.
Dimensions- Cylindrical Nut
0.5in diameter by 1in length
Ring Bolt
1.625in L
Ring bolt inner diameter

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