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12 Moons of Christmas: The MoonShade with Jason Fletcher

12 Moons of Christmas: The MoonShade with Jason Fletcher

It's the moment you've all been waiting for...

The MoonShade is our featured deal!

We're pretty proud of this little awning,
but we don't take that for granted. 

So we got MVE and All Things Overlanding extraordinaire Jason Fletcher to tell us what he thinks of our flagship product. 

See his setup and read his full review below! 

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And maybe a few other Moon products too...

Jason Fletcher and a MoonShade mounted to his Nissan Frontier, decorated with a holiday wreath.

I got a new truck. And I love it. BUT, my old vehicle had a 180 degree driver’s side permanently mounted awning (that cost $700 by the way). So, you better believe that was going on the new vehicle too.

I mounted it then quickly figured out that the main space I would use on my new truck was different than it was on my old SUV. The tailgate area that was covered by my rear hatch in my previous vehicle was now wide open, and the 180 awning didn’t really help me much. So I needed to either try to dismount, sell, and then repurchase an even more expensive permanently mounted 270 degree awning. Or I could look for a solution that meant way less work and hassle.  

A Nissan Frontier sits in a forest clearing, with a MoonShade set up at its back

Enter: the MoonShade. This first served as a stand-in before I could move the old awning over from the previous truck and has since allowed me to cover pretty much any side or area of the truck that I want. It costs significantly less than a permanently mounted awning, and I could even throw it in the back of the wife’s SUV to take to kids soccer games or football tailgates.

A Nissan Frontier sits in a clearing of trees, with a MoonShade affixed to its back

I got the old awning on the new truck, then mounted the Moon Shade on the back of the truck, and I now have more covered space than I’ve ever had before for less cost and way less effort. Plus, I can adjust based on my needs. Don’t want to pop out the 180? Just set up the Moon Shade. Going to be spending a couple of days in one spot? Pop out the 180 and set up the Moon Shade.

This thing is so flexible and nice that it makes using it a breeze and solves a ton of problems.

A Nissan Frontier sits in the middle of a forest clearing, a MoonShade affixed to its back