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12 Moons of Christmas: SeaSucker Suction Cups with George Duncan

12 Moons of Christmas: SeaSucker Suction Cups with George Duncan

We had Moon Vehicle Expert George Duncan review our second featured product: 
SeaSucker 4.5" Suction Cups

See his setup and read his full review below! 

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The Duncans and a SeaSucker mounted to their rig

Recently retired, we decided to buy a Four Wheel Camper for our truck and start our overlanding journey. After being out for a while, we started talking about what we wished we would have ordered with our camper, as there are so many options. One was an awning, another was a cell phone booster, and another was a shovel/axe mount. We purchased a Moon Shade, and fell in love with it right away due to its construction and versatility.

A SeaSucker in action, holding up a MoonShade

Our favored mount for the Moon Shade was to utilize the suction cups that came with it, a pair of small cups, and a pair of medium cups. In the Utah desert, we had some pretty decent winds at night, sometimes in the 30mph area. The small suction cups would end up coming loose in those winds. The medium cups worked better, but we worried they might come loose during the worst nights. After seeing someone we follow utilizing the SeaSuckers, we were intrigued, and we ended up with a pair. Wow! These take it to the pro level. Large D rings makes it so easy to attach the Moon Shade. The 4.5” SeaSuckers hold 120lbs, so no more worries about them coming loose in the wind. A perfect upgrade for our much loved Moon Shade!

A SeaSucker mounted on a 4-Wheel Camper

We wanted to add a cell phone booster to our rig but were hesitant to drill any attachment holes in the side of our new camper. While considering how to mount it in the best location on the camper, we realized the SeaSucker was the perfect solution. SeaSucker already has a mount solution for the booster antenna, so I didn’t have to make my own.  They also sell a shovel mount, in addition to many more tech and practical mounting options. Much like our Moon friends, SeaSucker has worked hard to cover as many bases as they can think of.

A SeaSucker in action, holding up a MoonShade

If I had to name a “con,” I’d say that due to the heavy-duty cups and construction, the Seasucker cup can be a little hard to loosen and remove. I would like to see a larger grip point on the side of the cup to grab while loosening and removing. But that is a very minor con.

I give Seasucker a hearty 4.5/5 Moons, and strongly recommend them to anyone out in the outdoors or on the water, and especially to any Moon Shade owners as they are the perfect upgrade. These things are Bad ass!