Pad Eye Anchors

$25 USD

Strongest permanent anchoring method using stainless steel pad and eye mounted with 3M VHB adhesive and included self-tapping screws.

About Pad Eye Anchors

The Pad Eye Anchor is our most permanent anchor. It can be adhered to a wide variety of surfaces and is a great solution for heavy MoonShade users whose vehicles are not compatible with our Sprinter Rail, ½ inch Awning Rail (Basecamp), or ⅜ inch Awning Rail Anchor solutions.

The product is simple to mount with super-sticky VHB backing and self-tapping screws. All you need is a drill and, if you like,  some sealant to seal the screw holes to protect your vehicle.

Product Specs

Weight 3oz
Color Stainless Steel
Components 2- Stainless steel metal anchors with 3M VHB adhesive backings
8- Stainless steel self-drilling screws
Base Dimensions 4.74cm x 3.6cm / 1.9in x 1.4in
Height (base to top of loop) 2.9cm / 1.1in

Setup Video

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