Magnet Anchor Disclaimer


Magnet Anchors by Moon are strong, rare earth magnets and should be handled carefully. Avoid placing fingers or other appendages between the Magnet Anchor and the vehicle surface to prevent injury. Keep all electronics, credit cards, and other sensitive devices away from Magnet Anchors. Inspect the Magnet Anchor scuff pad for small particles prior to mounting to avoid damaging the vehicle finish.


Magnet Anchors are intended as a temporary anchor solution and are to be used in calm conditions with little to no wind (less than 5mph). MoonShade’s included guylines and stakes, or another method to further secure MoonShade, are to be used each time MoonShade is set up. MoonShade is not to be left unattended while mounted to the vehicle. Further, MoonShade is to be unmounted from vehicle anchors in high winds, gusty conditions, and heavy precipitation.

To mount MoonShade with Magnet Anchors, place the Magnet Anchors on the roof of the vehicle or other horizontal surface. Locations on or near seams or reinforced areas of the vehicle will provide a more secure hold. `For most vehicle roofs, Magnet Anchors can remain mounted when the vehicle is in motion if the Magnet Anchor is placed on or near a seam or reinforced area. (Full Magnet Anchor instructions are available here.)

Placing Magnet Anchors on vertical surfaces like vehicle side panels is not recommended. Use caution when using Magnet Anchors in wet conditions. Persistent rain or dew/condensation can cause excess moisture to collect on the vehicle surface and saturation of MoonShade can increase the weight of MoonShade. These conditions may increase the risk of Magnet Anchors slipping unexpectedly.

For more information, please contact Moon here.