On the Road

Stories of connection, reflection, and discovery by Moon

  • Doing Less And Being More

    Vol 1-4

    "I think it's about doing less. I don't think it's about the highlights. I think it's about the quiet moments." —Dan Deublein Filmmaker’s Notes: It was almost a week into our trip and a couple hours after midnight when we rolled in beside a dark...

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  • There’s Calm in Curiosity

    Vol. 1-3

    "I’m very comfortable in solitude. There’s just something about getting out on the road where you want to see what’s around the next bend." —Kathi Foy Filmmaker’s Notes The red-ochre cliffs of Palo Duro Canyon stretched out in front of us to the horizon as...

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  • Finding Freedom is a Movement

    Vol. 1-2

    "I remember sitting in the back here, reading [Van Life Diaries], and I was like, Man, this is pretty cool. My lease is about to be up... I think I could do this." —Eric Pappas Filmmaker’s Notes After driving from Austin deep into Texas hill...

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  • Adventure is in Our DNA

    Vol. 1-1

    "It’s the natural thing to do for this kind of animal. We’re the only animal that’s put ourselves in zoos of our own creation, right? And we don’t even make the zoos natural to who we are. Maybe that’s what it is. That’s what the...

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  • Introducing: On the Road


    "I found myself alone with the same question echoing in my mind: why wouldn’t I go?" —Henry Proegler The idea for the On the Road series was born out of a desire to connect with the travelers, wanderers, and van-lifers that make up the community...

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