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12 Moons of Christmas: Geyser System with Ryan Lau

12 Moons of Christmas: Geyser System with Ryan Lau

We had MVE Ryan Lau review our final deal,
the last moons of Christmas, if you will:

The Geyser System

Read his full review below,
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Ryan Lau stands next to a gift-wrapped vehicle, and a Geyser shower system

Have you been lugging around a giant water jug on your camping trips? While they’re easy enough to refill, they also waste a ton of water. For example, a 1-gallon jug with a basic spigot can probably be depleted after washing a few dishes and your hands over the course of a day!

Before using the Geyser System, I was using a manual water pump system with a 2-gallon capacity. While it was simple enough to use, that amount of water only lasted about 5 minutes. It was better suited for rinsing off dirty feet rather than dishes or a full shower, and it took up more space than I liked.

A hand holds the Geyser sponge, water dripping out of it

The Geyer System provides you with cold or hot water through a super-efficient pump that makes just 3 liters (0.8 gallons) of water last for up to 15 minutes of use! For convenience, the pump is also powered via a 12V DC outlet, so there’s no manual pumping needed. I really liked this feature, so I didn’t have to stop whatever I was doing with soapy hands to pump more pressure into the tank. Wastefulness aside, carrying multiple gallons of water takes up valuable cargo space. If you’ve ever tried loading out a small to mid-size vehicle, you know that every inch of cargo space matters. The Geyser System only takes up the space of a small backpack and weighs under 15 lbs when full.

A hand pours a cup of water into the Geyser system

Hot water can be used either by manually pouring hot water into the tank or by an optional integrated heater model. The latter does cost a bit more for its convenience but can pump the same temperature water as the standard model. To get hot water in the standard model, simply pour in 1 liter of boiling water and 2 liters of cold water, which equates to the ideal temperature for a warm shower. I didn’t find the manual method to be a huge inconvenience, especially since I don’t always need hot water. Nonetheless, it’s great to have the option, and living in the PNW, means that I can use this system year-round.

You don’t have to worry about the water being too hot either, as the Geyser System’s pump has an automated temperature regulator that will deactivate the pump if the tank’s water is in excess of 100 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Geyser System sits in a driveway, with its Green Sponge attached

Overall, I am pretty pumped (pun intended) about this water system. Coming from a manual pump water system, it’s way more convenient to use and much lighter. I really appreciate how compact the overall package is, as cargo space becomes pretty limited once our gear gets loaded up. While the Geyser System doesn’t provide a “traditional” shower experience, it does accomplish the same task with a fraction of the water that any of the other popular water tank systems use. While the sponge system took a little getting used to, I think it’s well worth the water and weight savings.