Introducing MoonVan

Introducing: MoonVan

Since launching Moon we don’t have as much time to use our van, (a 2017 144WB 4X4 Sprinter), as we’d like, so we’re hoping you might be able to!

The vision for MoonVan is simple; we want to give people, who would otherwise not be able to, the chance to experience life on the road and the inspiration it’s brought us. Whatever you make, create, and learn is yours—we just ask you to get the van back to us when your journey is complete.

Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to move the kickoff of MoonVan’s first season to 2022. MoonVan will be available for trips of 2-6 weeks starting in the first quarter of 2022.

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Our Story

Matthew purchased our van as he was winding down 5 years he had spent working in Tech, first at Airbnb and then Robinhood. He wasn’t exactly sure of his plan; if it would be his home, weekend adventure vehicle, or something totally different – but he knew it was what was next. 

After a trip to Joshua Tree he realized he needed an awning and started a search for a rugged but packable awning. As you’ve likely already guessed, he didn’t find one. 

He started working on a design and called his friend Henry who had made a career of producing things (brands, marketing campaigns, films, etc.) for young companies – a handful of them in the Outdoor Retail & Overland space. Moon Fabrications was born. 

The Van Life Community 

It’s impossible for us to overstate how truly grateful we are to the van life community. It takes a certain type of person to spend a significant amount of time in a van and in our experience that person is almost-always generous, open minded, empathetic, curious, and willing to help. 

We want Moon Fab to be a company that supports and encourages this community whether you’re an individual saving up for your build or a season vet – we hope to add more to this community than we’ve received from it.

Things to Know Before Applying

The Van 

MoonVan is a 144 2017 4X4 Sprinter that is outfitted to comfortably sleep two adults. We collaborated with our good friends, The Matneys, to outfit this van in a way where it would be easy to use and functional for different types of trips and experiences. 

Taking a Leap 

Our dream is that this van would help you take the leap. Whether you’re at crossroads with your life, have always had a place you’ve wanted to go, or a story you’ve wanted to tell. We want MoonVan to Help you do that. 

Our lives have been shaped by a handful of moments where we took a calculated risk. A very tangible example is the van itself which Matthew originally purchased to curb a long commute and rising rent in the Bay Area while working in tech. As it happens, it led to him realizing he hated his job, so he quit and a few months later he couldn’t figure out why there wasn’t a decent packable awning on the market. 

For me (Henry), I made a passion project, a short doc called Five Star a few years ago. The making of it led to lifelong friendships with the subject, his family, and my collaborators. It forever impacted my film career and life and the ability to give others that experience is one of my main motivations for MoonVan.

How This Works: Trip Details 

Gas & Food 

Moon will cover gas costs and provide $225 per person per week while you’re on the road.

Pickup & Dropoff 

MoonVan participants may have to drive a reasonable distance to pick up or drop off the van and our responsible for their own travel to and from the van. Since we’ll be loaning out the van all around the country this will be handled on a case by case basis. 

General Care & Cleanliness 

We’re relying on MoonVan users to take care of our van like you owned it yourself. We’re not a venture capital backed startup, we’re a small team who has bootstrapped this business. The MoonVan itself is a bit of a risk for us – but one we believe in. 

Insurance, etc. 

We recommend that MoonVan participants provide or purchase their own insurance for the journey. This isn’t a requirement but drivers will be responsible for all damage to the vehicle and anyone else or anyone else’s property that may be involved in an accident.


We wish we could go back to the days where every type of film, video, photo, written story, etc. wasn’t referred to as “content” but we’re not in control of that. 

As a company, we have a need to generate social “content” to connect with the community created by our brand. We want your experience of the MoonVan to be what we’re highlighting on our social channels. We don’t have any aesthetic or brand standards we need you to meet, we plan on re-posting whatever you’re sharing to your audience organically. 

If you’re a freelancer, you know the devil is in the details (and we’ll get more clear on this before we launch MoonVan) but here’s what we can commit to right now: 

  • Anything you create on your trip, you own. While you’re using the van you give us permission to repost whatever you’re creating and sharing with your own audience on our channels. 
  • We want our social channel to be more “behind the scenes” than curated lifestyle images. Meaning, we want everything from your silly instagram stories to your sunset pics. 
  • We will ask MoonVan participants to do a 20 minute  “vlog style” self-interview with equipment provided in the van on the first day and last day of your trip. If you want to send us more than that, amazing. 

We realize we’re stepping into a “grey area” and trying to thread a very fine needle. If you have any questions on this in particular, please email me ([email protected]).

Apply to Use MoonVan

We expect a fair amount of interest in using MoonVan which is why we’ve put this application together. To be clear, there’s no predetermined qualifications in our mind. If you’re an adult (over 18 years old) and have a vision for how you could use our van, we want to hear from you.

    Personal Information


    Your Vision

    Timeline & Updates

    We are now accepting applications for MoonVan’s 2022 season until January 31, 2022. We will reach out to all applicants by March 1, 2022.

    The application period for MoonVan’s 2021 season is closed. Due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, we have decided to move the kickoff of MoonVan’s first season to 2022.