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Small Suction Cup Anchors

Free with MoonShade

2.75 in. diameter industrial suction cups that hold firm to smooth flat surfaces. One pair included with MoonShade purchase.

About Suction Cup Anchors

Our suction cup anchors are very versatile, as they adhere to any smooth, flat, non-porous surface. Glass, most vehicle roofs or side panels–as long as the paint is smooth and the area you’re using is relatively flat, you’re good to go. Two pairs of suction cups (one large pair and one small pair) are included with every MoonShade.

Even if these don’t end up being your primary anchors, we think they’ll come in handy when setting up your MoonShade in some unexpected places, and we wanted every MoonShade owner to enjoy the versatility that suction cup anchors provide.

*Not for use in windy conditions

One pair (2) included free with MoonShade purchase.

Product Specs

Base Diameter 2.75in
Height 1.75in
Strap length 9.8in

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